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Welcome to 321

This is a place to explore the big questions of life. Maybe you believe in God, maybe you don’t. We’ll assume you have your doubts.  Whatever you believe, you are more than welcome to join us.

321 is a chance to come on over and look around the Christian faith in a friendly and informal environment.  We will meet on three consecutive Wednesday evenings in a local home, have a cup of tea or coffee and some cake, watch a short video and discuss it together.

We want to invite you simply to enter into the world that the Bible describes and take a look around, to understand it from the inside. You will be free to ask questions and make up your own mind. Maybe you’ll like what you see. Maybe you’ll hate it. But our hope is that you’ll at least know what it is you’re agreeing or disagreeing with. 321 is the chance to enter into a story that claims to be the ultimate story: The story of God, the World, and You!

There are three key truths which, if grasped, have the power to unlock so much of the Bible and make sense of this world. They are:

3: God is three Persons united in love.
2: The story of the world is the story of two representatives.
1: You are one with Adam. Be one with Jesus.

You are most welcome to join a 321 group, or to meet with someone and go through the material one-on-one.  Get in touch to find out more!