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The Weekly 3

Sunday Church

There are three elements in “The Weekly 3” – our recommendation for a healthy church life. Sunday Church is a great opportunity to come together with the whole Trinity Chippenham church family. We can chat together, hear God’s Word together, and respond together in worship. We want Sunday Church to be as welcoming, friendly, accessible and helpful as possible. We hope that the refreshments, music and preaching will reflect our desire to do all things well for our God who has done everything perfectly. We also hope that our friendliness will make for an atmosphere that reflects His loving character!

Life Groups

Another important element in “The Weekly 3” is Life Group. We have several Life Groups in the Chippenham area. They meet on various evenings so there should be one to fit your schedule. The Life Group is a small group of people who meet for Bible study, prayer and friendship. We believe that life is found in pursuing Christ together, so Life Groups are a critical part of church. Ask any leader to help you plug into a Life Group that will suit you!

Free to Connect

This is another important element in “The Weekly 3” – Free to Connect! It is so easy for involvement in a local church to swamp your schedule. If there are too many meetings crammed into the week, then you will soon find meeting people informally to be a burden too. At Trinity Chippenham we want to guard the church schedule to make sure we all have time to be with family, with church friends and with other friends too. Church should not make relationships difficult, so we have made Free to Connect part of the church programme design!

Other Ministries

Children (TC Tots & Kids Club)

During Sunday Church, when Covid-19 is not restricting us, we provide a crèche (TC Tots) for 0-4s and two Kid’s Clubs for 5-11s. We use high quality curriculum for all ages to make sure that the little ones really enjoy their time at Trinity Chippenham. Every volunteer is fully vetted because safety is a top priority. Please come a few minutes before the service begins to meet the leaders, sign your children in and see where they will be meeting during Sunday Church.  During the Covid-19 lockdown we are seeking to follow government guidelines closely week-by-week.  This is making our children’s ministry much more flexible and creative as we lean more heavily on online options to minister to the children!


The Secondary School years are so important! We want to make sure that the youth of Trinity Chippenham have plenty of opportunity to get their questions answered, grow in friendships with others, and get to know God in a truly personal way. We have a weekly Youth Life Group and regular social events to enjoy together.  Again, as Covid-19 creates restrictions we are following government guidelines closely.  Nevertheless, the youth group has had a great few months despite the restrictions!


Life happens every day and we want to provide the support, friendship and input needed for living life in this generation!  The women at Trinity are well connected and there are regular opportunities to get together to pray, to discuss a helpful book, or to enjoy fellowship.  We have periodic special events, such as the eco-friendly clothes swap, or a cultural Christmas gathering.  Trinity Chippenham is a great place to not only participate in what God is doing as he builds His church, but also to be supported, encouraged and helped in the complexities of life!


We live in a culture where men are expected and inclined to “go it alone.”  We want to buck the trend at Trinity, encouraging men to connect with each other, to be transparent with each other and to cheer each other on as we live in a difficult world.  We are seeking to offer regular opportunities to connect with each other for a game of football, a book discussion, a hike, or a curry.  We want to also help the younger generation come through into manhood successfully.  Trinity Chippenham is a great community to be part of, growing together, serving together, encouraging one another and gradually becoming the men God wants us to be!  None of us have arrived, but we are better for journeying together!


We are excited to see people introduced to the life transforming love of God. As a church we want our gatherings to be accessible to all, while also offering special seminars for people wanting to find out more. As a church we want to look for the best ways to see the life-changing message of God’s love changing people in Chippenham and across the world too!