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If you are totally new to church, have lots of questions and are not sure if you will fit in, then please visit us at Trinity Chippenham. None of us has everything sorted in life. We are a mixed, but ordinary group of people who want our church to be a community where everyone feels safe and welcome.

Every Sunday we gather at Hardenhuish School, Hardenhuish Lane, Chippenham at 3:30pm for a 3:45pm start

We would love you to join us!

What can I expect at Trinity Chippenham?

We have coffee and great snacks available (no charge) before Sunday Church. Our style of gathering is relaxed and fairly informal. We sing together with a band leading the music (you don’t have to sing) and listen to a life-focused message from the Bible. The meeting lasts roughly an hour and a quarter.

Everyone is invited to hang around after the meeting to chat with each other and enjoy another drink.

What about my children?

During Sunday Church we have a fully staffed crèche for 0-3 year olds and a Kid’s Club for 4-11’s. We take the safety of children very seriously and have a comprehensive Child Protection Policy available on request (email address:

The crèche is adjacent to the main meeting room so you can check in on your little one at any point. When you arrive you will be invited to sign-in your child and meet the team who will be caring for them. The crèche runs from before the service, until near the end, when the children are brought in to their parents for the last couple of songs.

The Kid’s Club meets in a room overlooking the main meeting room. 5-11’s start the service with the adults and then head out after a few minutes. Before the service you will be introduced to one of the leaders of the Kid’s Club so that you can sign your child in. You are most welcome to check out the room where they will be meeting. The Kid’s Club children return to the main service for the final couple of songs.

Both the crèche and Kid’s Club follow an excellent curriculum to invest biblical truth in a fun and engaging way. Please email us if you would like to know more about the curriculum.

Where do you meet?

Trinity Chippenham has been meeting at Hardenhuish School since the first Sunday of 2018.  The main hall is right by the main gate and we are very easy to find.