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Who We Are

Our Vision & Values

Our mission, like that of every Christian church, is to make disciples of Jesus Christ; that is, to introduce people to a close, personal relationship with Christ and help them grow into the fullness of life lived in fellowship with the Trinity. What is our particular vision and what are the values that drive us?

Our Vision

For all to be transformed by the glorious love of the Trinity!

Our Values

We treasure the good news of the gospel: an invitation to the Father’s love, revealed in Christ and poured out into our hearts by the Spirit. So we desire to live lives of wholehearted response shaped by the following values:

we cherish our relationship with our Father, through Jesus, by the Spirit:


1. Pursuing God in the Bible

2. Expressing the response of our hearts in prayer and worship

3. Reflecting His character in every area of our lives

we treasure our relationships with each other in the church community:


4. Investing time to build healthy relationships characterised by authenticity and grace

5. Building strong households (godly singleness, marriage and parenting)

6. Carrying each other’s burdens

7. Equipping everyone to play their part in the church

8. Developing servant leaders in team-led ministry

we esteem relationship with everyone around us:


9. Showing God’s compassionate care for the weak and broken

10. Creating attractive and safe environments for people to encounter Christ

11. Reaching beyond ourselves in local and global mission

What We Believe

Trinity Chippenham is an evangelical church that believes the fundamental truths of Christianity as revealed in the Bible. Here is our statement of faith in brief form (for the full statement with explanations at each point, please email

1. God is Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

2. God is an effective communicator and the Bible is His inspired and inerrant Word.

3. God is made known as Father by his incarnate Son, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross and rose bodily from the tomb.

4. The glorious love of the Father and Son is communicated by the Holy Spirit.

5. We humans were made in the relational image of God.

6. We fell by rejecting God and distrusting His word.

7. The result of the Fall into sin was death.

8. The Gospel is the good news that God has done what we could not, through the substitutionary death of Christ.

9. As God captures hearts by his love revealed in Christ, all who respond in faith are united to him and redeemed.

10. Christ’s work fully addresses the effects of the Fall.

11. The Holy Spirit is at work in those who are His.

12. All who are united to Christ are members of His body, His bride, the universal church.

13. Christ will return in person for His Bride.

14. Christ will return to judge all who have rejected God’s love.

15. Life in the new creation will be the ultimate experience of Christ and the fellowship of the Trinity.

Our Story

Our story began in the summer of 2013 when four couples began meeting to pray about their desire to start a new church in Chippenham. By the end of the year it was clear that the growing group were becoming a church.

Trinity Chippenham began meeting as a church on the first Sunday of 2014, led by the start-up team. During the first months of 2014 we met together to learn how to be church and how to do church as Trinity Chippenham. We soon launched Life Groups and various other ministries. By the summer of 2014, the church felt ready to invite others to join us.

During this whole process, the start-up team at Trinity Chippenham looked to a group of church leaders, both locally and from further afield, for accountability and wisdom. During the summer of 2015 the start-up team led the church through a leadership transition process, with the church formally recognising its own elders and the accountability team endorsing the process. The new pastoral team of Andy Cordle, Tim Jones and Peter Mead were commissioned in a service led by Andy Paterson, on the 20th September 2015.

At the start of 2018 we moved from the Leisure Centre where we had met for four years, to Hardenhuish School – our current Sunday venue.  We have really enjoyed meeting at Hardenhuish and are thankful for the opportunity to meet in a facility that is so well known and used by the community.  Since March 2020 we have been unable to meet at Hardenhuish School because of the Covid-19 restrictions.  We understand the challenges schools are facing with this crisis and look forward to being able to return to the school in due course.  None of us anticipated the challenges and blessings of 2020, but as a church we have continued to look for creative ways to support one another and respond to God’s love together.

As a church we have been meeting for several years, but there is always more to learn. We love to see God at work as we seek to share the joy and life that can only be found in Jesus. We are excited, not primarily about our church programme, but about knowing and loving a loving God – the God of the Bible who truly transforms lives!

Our Leadership

The pastoral team at Trinity Chippenham seek to shepherd the church according to the vision and values of the church.

Andy Cordle

andy_hannahHannah and Andy met whilst students at Bristol University, were married in 2007, and moved to Chippenham from Bristol in Spring 2014 to be part of the new church. We now have three daughters who keep us on our toes! Andy worked for 10 years as a consultant engineer in wind turbine design, and left his job in the summer of 2017 to split his time between working for the church and studying theology. Hannah worked as a Staff Worker for UCCF before becoming a full time mum, a role which she still enjoys. We love being part of the church family at Trinity and feel privileged to be part of what God is doing here!

Peter Mead

Peter & MelanieI grew up in Bristol, but never expected to be living back in the south-west! During my university placement year I worked onboard a missionary ship. While onboard I met and married Melanie, in Portland, Oregon, USA. We lived there for several years and started our family there while I attended Bible school. We both felt that God was moving us into full-time Christian ministry and were expecting to end up in some distant land far from America or England. Instead God brought us back to my native England! After several years of teaching in Bible schools, churches and conferences, we moved from Surrey to Chippenham in 2010. I had the privilege of helping to launch Cor Deo, a small ministry training programme based here in Chippenham. In 2013 we got to join with the other couples to launch a new church in this area – something we never thought we would be doing!  I continue to teach as adjunct faculty at Union School of Theology and as the leader of the Bible Teachers and Preachers Network at the European Leadership Forum.  Along with our six children, we are really excited to be part of such an exciting (and challenging) adventure!

Tim Jones

We have lived in the Chippenham area since 1986. Tim is originally from Sunderland and grew up with two sisters in the Manse (his Dad was a church minister), he worked in the construction industry for 20 years before a career change into the IT Services sector in 1997. Tim served as an elder for over 20 years in another church in Chippenham. Tim loves the challenge of a chainsaw and a tree, a DIY project or his opposition on the squash court. Becky is a palliative care nurse employed by our local hospice. She endures running in order to keep fit but loves her home and having people round. We have three of our own children, Bronte, Elliot and Olivia, all now living away from home. We also have a foster son, Paddy.  We have been involved in Trinity Chippenham since the very beginning and are excited about what this church stands for – we love being part of a family that has hope for eternity because of our good God and we want to live for Him every day we get in this life.